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    10 DIY Ways To Deck Out Your Walls

    Because nobody believes your "minimalist aesthetic" boring-white-walls excuse anymore.

    1. Paint Chip Upgrade

    Lin / Via

    Grab a handful of paint color sample strips the next time you're at Home Depot and turn them into a colorful mobile for your wall.

    2. Mini Weavings

    Kollabora for Jo-Ann / Via

    Leftover yarn scraps make for great textured wall pieces. Cluster a few together for a "found this at a flea market" feel.

    3. 3D Cuts

    Ama Ryllis / Via

    Layered cut paper makes for cool, customizable 3D pop-up wall art!

    4. Dimensional Dots

    Crafts n Coffee / Via

    No one needs to know that your brilliant work of minimalist art is simply styrofoam balls (no touching!). Bonus points for spelling out something in braille!

    5. TP Flowers

    Imperfectly Perfect / Via

    Seriously, you know you have tons of leftover toilet paper rolls in your recycle bin and they're going to look way better decorating your wall than filling up your compost.

    6. Feathered Up

    Love Maegan / Via

    Because...a feather wall hanging? Sure, why not!

    7. Layered Colors

    Curbly / Via

    Chose your own paint adventure with a modern geometric piece!

    8. Dyed Textiles

    Sarah / Via

    Create a fun ombré color scheme with layers of jersey tassels.

    9. Chevrons of Fabric

    Lia Griffith / Via

    Don't toss those fabric scraps! Turn them into a crazy abstract wall hanging instead!

    10. Textured Shapes

    A Beautiful Mess / Via

    Start with a basic floor mat, end up with a fantastically colorful, textured piece of art!

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