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    Mar 10, 2014

    10 DIY Ways To Add Some Shamrocks To Your St. Patrick's Day

    We could all use a little bit of help in the luck department, amirite?

    1. Stitch it.

    Red Letter Day Stitches/Kollabora / Via

    Because there are only a few days of the year when cracking a beer open at 10am is considered acceptable.

    2. Stamp it.

    Punk Projects / Via

    Because there's a better way to put those sad chewed up pencils to good use.

    3. Clip it.

    Paperk & Ink / Via

    Because you've got more felt scraps just hanging around than you care to acknowledge.

    4. Stream it.

    Studio DIY / Via

    Because you need some properly themed decor but are short on time.

    5. Fold it.

    Activity Village / Via

    Because when is folding paper into little shapes not just freaking awesome?!

    6. Knit it.

    Natural Suburbia / Via

    Because your yarn collection could use some de-stashing.

    7. Wand it.

    Squirrelly Minds/Kollabora / Via

    Because we all need to make a little magic happen sometimes.

    8. Sew it.

    Polka Dots and Bunker Gear / Via

    Because there are days when you need a soft place to land.

    9. Shake it.

    Kitchen Daily / Via

    Because McDonald's won't let you order your Shamrock Shake with a "side of whiskey."

    10. Pancake it.

    Good Housekeeping / Via

    Because Green Eggs and Ham shouldn't steal all of the chartreuse food glory.

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