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    11 Insanely Cute DIY Halloween Costumes

    No costume yet? No problem!

    1. Pizza

    U Create / Via

    A couple of felt triangles and some toppings and you've got yourself one rad little pizza costume!

    2. Cupcake

    Mommy Testers / Via

    Sport your love for giant DIY cupcakes like you don't care that people are still lining up for hours to get a Cronut.

    3. Pinterest

    See Kate Sew / Via

    Remember when you used to tear pages out of magazines and tape them to your wall for inspiration...?

    4. School Photo

    Instructables / Via

    Don't blink! Extra points if you bring your cat along with you (or your principal).

    5. Cloud

    Oh Happy Day / Via

    Grab your friends and add raindrops, a sun, and a lightening bolt to your fluffy cloud for a fun group costume idea.

    6. Candy Corn

    Dukes & Duchesses / Via

    Super shout out to candy corn because it only gets the spotlight for one holiday a year!

    7. Animal Mask

    Sewbon / Via

    Channel your inner wild animal with easy-to-make felt masks.

    8. Instagram

    Thirty Handmade Days / Via

    You'll be an Instagram star online and IRL

    9. Doughnut

    Studio DIY / Via

    Because doughnuts are the new cupcakes. Duh.

    10. Hamburglar

    Dandelion Drift / Via

    And yes, you CAN eat all the burgers you want all night long — we recommend purchasing unless of course you want your Halloween to come with an arrest story.

    11. Sewing Pattern

    Erika Made It / Via