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    30 Knitting Projects That Are Perfect For Summer

    Just because it's hot doesn't mean you have to pack away your yarn!

    Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

    1. Drawstring Backpack

    Annasophie / Via

    When all you need to tote around is your bikini and some flip flops, a sturdy knit backpack will do.

    2. Halter Tee

    We Are Knitters / Via

    A loose knit halter tank is perfect to throw on with your favorite skirt or shorts.

    3. Knit Pillow

    Kate Smalley / Via

    Add some knit flare to your decor with a modern, abstract pillow.

    4. Knitted Mini

    Sweatshop of Love / Via

    What better way to show off your knitting skills than with a flirty summer mini skirt.

    5. Lace Headwrap

    McLaughlin Designs / Via

    Sleep in and skip the shampoo; just hide that bedhead under a lace knit headwrap.

    6. Beach Top

    We All Knit Here / Via

    Beach bound? This is just the top you need to make before you hit the sand.

    7. Seed Stitch Washcloths

    Creating Laura / Via

    Scrub it up with gentle seed stitch washcloths.

    8. Cabled Carry-All

    Lion Brand / Via

    You'll be surprised just how much stuff you can fit in this beautiful cabled handbag.

    9. Fold Over Tank

    Oriana Laura / Via

    An avant garde take on a simple, classic style.

    10. iPad Case

    Claireabellemakes / Via

    Protect your iPad the best way possible: with knitted love!

    11. Striped Tee

    Paper Tiger / Via

    Lightweight stripes are the definition of summer style.

    12. Jersey Clutch

    Claire Anthony / Via

    Stash the essentials in a cool jersey clutch.

    13. Crop Top

    good night day / Via

    Knit crop top? Sure, why not!

    14. Lace Shrug

    Alexandra Davidoff Studio / Via

    Toss a pretty knit shrug over your shoulders for a wedding, black tie affair, or any fancy occasion you have coming up this summer.

    15. Knit Shopper

    Wyndlestraw Designs / Via

    For your books, magazines, iPad and more!

    16. Striped Tank

    Michelle Carter / Via

    More stripes?! You can't go wrong, really!

    17. Stockinette Tee

    TheMissLinds / Via

    A simple cotton knit tee you'll live in all season.

    18. Bitty Bow Necklace

    Limberlina / Via

    So you can rock your knits no matter how hot it is outside.

    19. Swatch Art

    Meg Kealey / Via

    Put all of those gauge swatches to good use by framing and displaying them as art.

    20. Asymmetrical Dress

    Kollabora / Via

    Who says a knit dress in summer isn't practical?

    21. Knit Paper Bangles

    PaperPhine / Via

    We didn't know you could knit with paper twine either!

    22. Tie Back Cami

    Army of Knitters / Via

    A breezy tunic with a pretty tie back detail will keep you cool during even the most brutal of summer temps.

    23. Scrap Pillow

    sah-rah / Via

    Use up those leftover yarn scraps to make a fun new throw pillow.

    24. Big Knit Bow

    Paivi Kankaro / Via

    As far as knit hair bows go, we say the bigger the better!

    25. Summer Sweater

    Pickles / Via

    Loose stitches = more breeze.

    26. Chunky Knit Necklace

    Thanks, I Made It / Via

    You this one!

    27. Knit Stool

    Pickles / Via

    Take a load off on a cozy knitted stool.

    28. Knit Basket

    Jessica Joy / Via

    Stashing your yarn in a knit basket is kinda meta, no?

    29. Knit Placemats

    SAS Does / Via

    Seed stitch placemats make a nice addition to your everyday place settings.

    30. Loopy Rug

    Knitted Wonderland / Via

    Welcome guests with a hand knit loopy rug. Just make sure they don't try to steal it when they leave.

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