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    10 Adorable DIY Ornaments For Your Holiday Tree

    Make your tree the envy of all the other foliage.

    1. Felt Friends

    Mohu / Via

    Deck out your tree with Rudolph, Frosty, and all of their winter friends.

    2. Layered Paper

    All Things Paper / Via

    A great way to use up scrap paper or old magazines.

    3. Yarn Scraps

    Maddie / Via

    You may say you're going to use up those yarn scraps eventually (hello, weaving) so why not actually do it and make some adorable tree decor.

    4. Ombré Clay

    Jen Carreiro / Via

    The perfect way to personalize DIY ornaments for your friends and family.

    5. The Narwhal

    Jen/Grainline / Via

    Why wouldn't you want an adorable felt narwhal hanging from your tree?

    6. Knit Stockings

    Little Things Blogged / Via

    Stash small gifts in cute little knit stocking ornaments for a few extra surprises on Christmas morning.

    7. Snowflakes

    Anne Mende / Via

    Oh the weather outside may be frightful, but a felt snowflake covered tree will be SO delightful!

    8. Freeform Crochet

    Marina / Via

    Show off your crochet and your tree decor skills in one fell swoop.

    9. Mini Sweater

    Lauren / Via

    It'll be a hell of a lot quicker than knitting up an actual sweater....

    10. Pinecone Owls

    Lia Griffith / Via

    Get the little ones involved in the tree decorating with some pinecones and a little bit of felt.

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