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    25 Adorable Purses And Bags You Can Make Yourself

    Totes adorbs.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    1. Watermelon Clutch

    Michelle Morris / Via

    When you're not ready to give up on summer just yet...

    2. Printable Farmer's Market Tote

    Tan // Squirrelly Minds / Via

    A grocery tote so cute you might want to use it for more than just produce.

    3. Autumn Running Stitch Tote

    Sara // Radiant Home / Via

    Update your basic shoulder bag with simple, pretty stitches.

    4. Mochilla Bag

    Ludivineem / Via

    Just the pop of color your fall outfits need.

    5. Portside Travel Set

    lankiephulani / Via

    The holidays are coming. Get ready with a matching travel set.

    6. Scissor Cozy

    Ginny / Via

    You know you're a pro crafter when even your scissors have their own tote.

    7. Firewood Tote

    Kelley // Casa Crafty / Via

    With a tote this cute, maybe you won't mind chopping all that wood for the fire.

    8. Hexy Bottom Project Bag

    Teresa / Via

    Stashing your projects has never looked so good!

    9. Indigo Dyed Totes

    Lia Griffith / Via

    Create a range of beautiful, intricate patterns with just a few folds and some indigo dye.

    10. Wallaby Clutch

    We Are Knitters / Via

    Knit up a fun, chunky clutch in bright colors.

    11. London Backpack

    Dandelion Drift / Via

    Backpacks aren't just for back-to-school anymore.

    12. Printed Zipper Pouch

    See Kate Sew / Via

    Spell it out on an easy printed zipper pouch.

    13. Beaded Tassel Bag

    Running with a Glue Gun / Via

    You can never (ever) have too many tassels.

    14. Cargo Pocket Tote

    Sara // Radiant Home / Via

    A cargo pocket added to the front of a tote makes for the perfect quick-access spot for your phone and wallet.

    15. Market "Paper" Bags

    Anna Sergeeva / Via

    A seriously cool way to carry your groceries and save the environment.

    16. Book Clutch

    See Kate Sew / Via

    We wouldn't recommend tearing up a book unless it was for a realllllly good reason...

    17. Project Organizer Bags

    Amy Nicole / Via

    Keep your projects organized with peek-a-boo drawstring bags.

    18. Bronte Backpack

    We Are Knitters / Via

    Chunky knits make for a fresh take on the backpack.

    19. DIY Messenger Bag

    Sheri Pavlovic / Via

    You're just two table runners (or scarves) away from a great new messenger bag!

    20. Simple Mesh Bag

    TheInspiredWren / Via

    Simple mesh bags make great packing and laundry companions for your delicates.

    21. Origami Bento Bag

    Very Shannon / Via

    Patch together leftover fabric to make a pretty new Bento Bag.

    22. Rustic Lunch Tote

    Amy Nicole / Via

    It's way cuter to carry your snacks to work in a than a plastic bag.

    23. Laser Cut Leather Clutch

    Rebecca / Via

    So cool (and easy) you'll want to make one in every color!

    24. Leather Wrap Clutch

    Crystal / Via

    It's much easier than you think to make a gorgeous leather wrap clutch.

    25. Tote Full of Kisses

    I Love Green Grass / Via

    Sometimes you want to wear your heart on your tote, not on your sleeve.

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