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25 Beyond-Adorable DIY Baby Gifts

For your favorite little ones.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

1. Bunny Wrap

burda style / Via

Some *bunny* love you.

2. Critter Mobile


Bright colors and fun faces to keep little ones entertained.

3. Fortune Cookie Booties

Creative Design / Via

We know what the future holds: loads of cuteness!

4. Bloomer and Bib Set

Whitney Deal / Via

There's nothing sweeter than a matching bib and bloomer set.

5. Knit Romper

Pumora / Via

A knit onesie so cute you'll wish they make an adult pattern too.

6. Baby Blanket

See Kate Sew / Via

Easy-to-sew baby blankets make for the perfect keepsake.

7. Fairy Tale Finger Puppets

Lia Griffith / Via

A sweet fairy tale finger puppet set that's perfect for play with little ones or to make from scratch with older kids.

8. Baby Bandana

Alicia Cromwell / Via

The perfect combo of cool, cute and functional.

9. Monster Friends

Lanéel / Via

Knit up cushy monster friends in every color imaginable.

10. Rainy Day Mobile

Lia Griffith / Via

Rain, rain go away. Or hang out as a cute mobile over the crib.

11. Heart Headwrap

Bre Paulson / Via

Share the love with a sweet little crochet heart headband.

12. Cargo Diaper Bag

Caroline Hornsey / Via

For mom: the perfect cargo diaper bag to haul all the essentials.

13. Bitty Baby Hats

Alexandra Davidoff Studio / Via

Bright striped hats for every day of the week.

14. Baby Kimono

Sudari Carmody / Via

The best things come in small packages. Case in point: tiny baby kimono!

15. Ruffled Diaper Cover

See Kate Sew / Via

Even diapers deserve a cute little upgrade.

16. Tie-Waist Pants

Esther / Via

Tiny drawstring pants to keep little ones cute and warm.

17. Fabric Scrap Elephants

hana / Via

Extra fabric turned into a new favorite toy.

18. Dream Bag Blanket

Make it Perfect / Via

Wrap 'em up in a cozy zip blanket.

19. Changing Pad Clutch

See Kate Sew / Via

The perfect stash for extra diapers and wipes.

20. Play Blanket

Timeless Treasures / Via

An adorable play blanket that's easy to pack up for travel.

21. Love Blocks

Anna / Via

Customize a sweet set of plush embroidered blocks.

22. Rhino Blankie

Tangible Pursuits / Via

A new best friend for nap time.

23. Whale Pillow

Dear Stella Design / Via

A fun pillow that's as cozy as it is adorable.

24. Bear Beanie

We Are Knitters / Via

Just the dang cutest way to keep warm as far as we're concerned.

25. Penguin Hand Puppet

Pumora / Via

A penguin, a fox, a piglet - oh my!

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