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    10 Ways To Makeover A Cardigan

    In honor of the first episode of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood, which debuted on Feb. 19, 1968, we're pulling those trusty cardigans out of the closet and showing them some serious DIY love!

    1. Don't have a cardigan?

    The Renegade Seamstress / Via

    That's ok, you can make one out of an old sweater.

    2. Or, if you've got some more time on your hands....

    Meridian Cardigan Pattern by Imagine Gnats/Kollabora / Via can make one from scratch.

    3. Turn two into one

    Stars for Streetlights / Via

    Because a little color blocking never hurt anyone!

    4. Show some pride

    Babble / Via

    Stitch a letter on your chest for some varsity style.

    5. Ruffle some feathers

    Our Life is Beautiful / Via

    Why shell out $100+ when you can whip this baby up in an afternoon?!

    6. Shine on

    Papercut Patterns/Kollabora / Via

    Sparkle and shine with a little bit of DIY foiling.

    7. Fast & sweet

    The Sisters Four / Via

    Got 30 minutes? Then you've got yourself a sweet new cardigan.

    8. Patch it up

    Honestly...WTF / Via

    Wear your heart on your elbow with these DIY heart patches.

    9. Stitchin'

    Let's Get Thrifty / Via

    A bit of needle and thread work gives any basic cardigan a bohemian feel.

    10. Upgrade with lace

    Sheri/Kollabora / Via

    Replace with lace. Instant upgrade!

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