10 DIY Ways To Step Up Your Beauty Routine

Get ready for spring with 10 easy (and great-smelling) at-home projects!

1. Make a face scrub from stuff you probably already have in your kitchen.

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After all that harsh winter cold it’s time to give your skin a little buff and polish.

2. Spritz it up with rosewater.

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Rosewater calms and soothes your skin and also makes a good final touch to your morning makeup routine.

3. Make a lip balm for yourself (and for everyone else you like).

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Nobody wants to make out with flaky chapped lips. Nobody.

4. Blush with beets.

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Look like you just ran a mile without all the sweaty, painful effects of actually running a mile.

5. Bite with berries.

The Beauty Department / Via

Nothing is better than a berry lip color. Even better when it’s all natural!

6. Remove makeup naturally.

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Keep those eyes bright and shining without all the harsh chemical components.

7. (And gently!)

la Mel / Via

And while you’re at it, ditch those scratchy remover pads for some super soft (and reusable) flannel ones!

8. Bomb your bath.

Jen Carreiro/Kollabora / Via

Rough day? Soak it away with some calming lavender bath bombs.

9. Keep your brushes clean.

Lipstick and Ponytails / Via

We don’t even want to think about how much gunk is caked on our makeup brushes, we just want it gone!

10. Pack it up and go!

Kate Smalley/Kollabora / Via

Keep all your fave DIY beauty treats in one place with a sleek, see-through makeup bag!

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