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    10 DIY Holiday Gifts For All Of Your Favorite People

    Easy ways to give the gift of handmade this holiday season!

    1. Upcycled Book Box

    Cathe Holden for Country Living / Via

    The perfect place for your dad to store all the remotes for his various electronic home theatre devices.

    2. Beaded Hoop Earrings

    How About Orange / Via

    A quick and painless way to give your sister-in-law a bit of a style upgrade.

    3. Soy Candles

    Paper and Stitch / Via

    An easy hostess gift idea for that endless stream of holiday parties on your calendar.

    4. Laptop Cozy

    Design Sponge / Via

    Now that your little sis has headed off to college she definitely needs something better than a beat-up tote bag to carry her laptop around in.

    5. Leather Phone Case

    Kojo Designs / Via

    OK, so maybe you can't afford to buy your boyfriend a new phone for the holidays but at least you can make him a custom leather case to stash his in.

    6. Bow Pencil Pouch

    See Kate Sew / Via

    Make your niece the envy of her classmates with some adorable bow-topped pencil cases.

    7. Pom-Topped Beanie

    hellokristenlong / Via

    Since your best friend is always conveniently "borrowing" your knit hats, why not make her a cozy topper of her own?

    8. Snowflake Embroidery

    Anne Mende / Via

    Your grandma is totally gonna love this beautiful modern take on embroidery.

    9. Braided Garter Scarf

    Emilie / Via

    What better way to show your mom how much you love her than with a gorgeously cozy knitted scarf?

    10. Paper Lanterns

    Lia Griffith / Via

    A set of paper lanterns makes a great holiday decor addition for your favorite neighbors.

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