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Which 1109e Roomie Are You???

we struggle but we love hard....find out which rider of the struggle bus you are:)

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  1. Whats your favorite snack?

    Whats your favorite snack?

    Toast yum yum (gluten free mostly)
    Im a healthy gal soooo probably some carrots and hummus or boom chicka pop
    Catch me using tapingo for a blueberry bagel and cream cheese ohhhhh baby
  2. Favorite Saying?

    Favorite Saying?

    "oooo baby"
  3. Favorite study spot???

    Favorite study spot???

    Wrapped in a blankey with 68 degree weather outside the student union. OH that place is a dream
    Catch me anywhere im a studious girl but sorry grr ur da worst
    lower level biz in a booth:))))
    Great Reading Room…Silence only please!!!
  4. Biggest L?

    Biggest L?

    something about a kiss (x2), something about some sheets, something about a tri delt, maybe something about a 62%…..(this was all in a two week span so I couldn’t just pick one)
    literally being the worst at juggling
    Spending the night in Tulsa on a Sunday night and driving back to Norman at 5:30 am so I can get back for my 8:30 lab and still somehow have time to do my pre-lab???
    running through the dorm hall with my pants off
  5. Car name and why?

    Car name and why?

    I can’t remember my car’s name://
    Scooby because das what my boy likes
    Christie bc my car looks like a drug lords and Chrystal meth????
    Priscilla because my car had a function that would yell at me whenever I went 5 over the speed limit (aka all the time) and I didn’t know how to turn it off for months so she’s prissy
  6. Sonic order????

    Sonic order????

    vanilllaaaaaa cokkeeeeeeeee (I am an addict)
    fries and a dr. pepper
    rioting until they bring back cheddar bites.. and obvi a strawberry limeade
    Lemon berry slush.. bet you’ve never heard of dat
  7. Where can I be found on a Saturday night?

    Where can I be found on a Saturday night?

    in Tulsa (I hate myself)
    O conns babbbby
    idk.. im a mystery ;)
    honestly no one ever knows where I am…ATO, Sig Ep, home????, The Bizz?, 1129W????
  8. What do I want to be when I grow up?

    What do I want to be when I grow up?

    Maybe a pediatrician maybe a uber driver
    Probably an escort or doubling in HES and MRS. ;))))
    A big girl
    neonatal nurse practicionerrrrr
  9. Relationship Status?

    Relationship Status?

    I like them horn frogs ;*
    red light baby
    Currently in a whoozie w/ a Florida eagle.. who really knows what the status is
    uhhhhhh.....very single but maybe also married?
  10. Street smart or book smart?

    Street smart or book smart?

    book smart. My only accomplishments are decent grades
    Book smart 90%, street smart 10%, although I’m pretty dumb all around dang
    Deeeeeef street smart… u shuld see my grades, yikes!
    def street smart
  11. What fraternity would I be in?

    What fraternity would I be in?

    lambda chi.. im a pretty girl
    Sigma chi til i die !!!!!
    Beta groupie all the way (this actually only applies to stilly)
    Sig ep yeppp

Which 1109e Roomie Are You???

You got: Hannah

Incredible you got Hannah!!! Shes the kindest of the bunch and constantly puts others above herself. She loves so well and is an actual angel (holla ring Ching baby). Anyone who is around her instantly feels better about themselves. She juggles everything in life so well and you will never see her without a smile on her face. That smile brightens everyones day:) 10/10 blessed to know her.

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You got: Taylor

OOOO baby you're Taylor !! She is the one who keeps us all together!! She is the rock and is always there for anyone. She will be there for you when you cry (which happens often Im so sorry bb) and help make you feel better. She loves so well and is so fun to be around. Anytime she is gone something shambly happens so please never leave us girl!! Can't do life without her. BEST gal right here.

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You got: Kenzie

honestly you’re winning because you got kenzie!!!!!! this heart of gold and kind/caring soul brings loads of joy to the room. With kenzie comes a new story every time she comes back home... keeping us on our toes! Kenzie is a special one that constantly uplifts, encourages, and freaking slays. This little theta girl brings a spark and is the cherry to our limeade. You can’t have 1109 E without a ken-Z

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You got: Kaylee

listen listen you're Kaylee hek ya!! She's the silly one of the group and loves to give you a kissy on da head. She's also sorta the best mom (especially to people like kenzie who need the help). She can instantly cheer you up and make you feel so so loved. She brings peace and without her we would be the biggest mess. She will do anything for you and anything to make you laugh. She's the best!!!

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