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18 Ways To Get In Shape Without Stepping Foot In The Gym

Not a gym rat? No worries — there's still hope to get in shape with these simple tips. Find all the fitness gear you need at Kohl's!

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1. Buy a jump rope.

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You can jump rope anywhere! It targets a wide range of muscle groups and improves cardiovascular health and endurance. Just be mindful of your downstairs neighbors.

2. Sync your routine with your favorite TV show.

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There are workouts specifically tailored to popular TV shows. Don't just sit and watch... do 15 squats every time your favorite character says their catchphrase.

3. Work with your body weight.

Resistance workouts are more popular than ever. Get a set of resistance bands or a suspension trainer, take 'em to the park, and build some muscle in the fresh air.

4. Find the perfect at-home workout on the web.

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Go to your favorite search engine, type the amount of time you'd like to work out, and the type of workout you would like to do, hit enter and voilà! Recommendations include 5-Minute Abs, 15-Minute Yoga, and 45-Minute Tabata Training.

5. Join a sports league.

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Gather up your close friends and have fun running around playing flag football for 45 minutes once a week. Tip: skip the after-game appetizers.

6. Crowdsource your friends for training.

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Ask your friend that goes to yoga all the time to come over and give you a private lesson. Make it an even trade: yoga for dinner and a little quality catch-up time.

8. Join a weekly club.

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Whether it be for runners, walkers, moms, dads, dog lovers, or cat lovers, having a group to work out with keeps you motivated and disciplined to actually make the workout.

9. Learn to multitask.

Think about those little moments when you're sitting around waiting for water to boil. Do 30 squats! Brushing your teeth? Do 20 calf raises!

10. Make it something you do together.

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The couple that works out together stays together. Take a walk or jog through the neighborhood. You'll share stories from your day and feel good about supporting each other in your efforts to get in shape.

13. Get the kids moving too.

Share your workouts with your kids and teach them how to stay healthy and strong, or at least use them as extra weight to carry around instead of dumbbells.

14. Go techy and track your movements.

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A step tracker gives you insight into the parts of your day that need more activity and gives you perspective on how you stack up against the average. Running low on steps? Maybe take a longer way home or an extra trip around the block.

15. Park farther away.

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It's all about burning calories, and the more steps you take, the more you'll burn. So unless you're in a hurry, park farther away and enjoy a chat on the way to the car.

16. Sign up for a race.

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Committing to a race gives you a deadline to work toward. You can walk, jog, or run — it doesn't matter. You'll be outside being active and supporting a good cause, which is a double whammy on the feel-good meter.

18. Get a dog.

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Their need for exercise adds up to more steps for you! Not to mention, picking up big bags of dog food definitely qualifies as weight lifting. As if you needed another reason to get a dog, right?

Visit Kohl's for all your fitness gear needs and at least look like you're headed to the gym.