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18 Ways To Get In Shape Without Stepping Foot In The Gym

Not a gym rat? No worries — there's still hope to get in shape with these simple tips. Find all the fitness gear you need at Kohl's!

1. Buy a jump rope.

2. Sync your routine with your favorite TV show.

3. Work with your body weight.

Resistance workouts are more popular than ever. Get a set of resistance bands or a suspension trainer, take 'em to the park, and build some muscle in the fresh air.

4. Find the perfect at-home workout on the web.

5. Join a sports league.

6. Crowdsource your friends for training.

7. Make your own use of the playground.

8. Join a weekly club.

9. Learn to multitask.

Think about those little moments when you're sitting around waiting for water to boil. Do 30 squats! Brushing your teeth? Do 20 calf raises!

10. Make it something you do together.

11. Take the stairs.

12. Work your core while you're at work.

13. Get the kids moving too.

Share your workouts with your kids and teach them how to stay healthy and strong, or at least use them as extra weight to carry around instead of dumbbells.

14. Go techy and track your movements.

15. Park farther away.

16. Sign up for a race.

17. Dance it out.

18. Get a dog.

Visit Kohl's for all your fitness gear needs and at least look like you're headed to the gym.