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11 Perfect Presents For The Kids In Your Life Who Have Everything

Save the three-pack of socks for another relative — give the kids on your list what they really want with Kohl’s, and get what you want with Kohl’s Cash!

1. Their very own DJ turntable:

2. The scooter you remember wanting as a kid:

3. The ultimate project for a budding tech whiz:

4. A robe and PJ pants just like Dad's:

5. Their very own (robotic) pony:

6. A good old-fashioned art set:

7. An upgrade to those old bunny slippers:

8. One of the coolest toys of the season:

9. A classic game that isn't digital:

10. A festive tee that scores cool points:

11. A cozy teepee tent perfect for quiet time:

Images courtesy of Kohl's

Shop Kohl's this holiday for the kids on your list. Presents for them, Kohl's Cash for you!