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10 Gift Pairs That Will Make You Queen Of The Holidays

Because perfect gifts come in twos. Show them how much you care with treats that fit their lifestyle from Kohl's — and don't forget that Kohl's Cash for you, every time you spend $50 during an earn period!

1. For that special someone who could use a self-care Sunday every now and again.

2. For the life of the party who wants to make instant memories.

3. For the mom whose morning routine could be made a little easier.

4. For the friend who likes to be in the know and look cute while doing so.

5. For the person who's known for taking care of the home and everyone in it.

6. For the athlete who can take on more than just sports.

7. For the style queen who knows the secret behind any good holiday outfit are the accessories that go with it.

8. For the baking enthusiast who's known for being on their feet all day.

9. For the busy person who could use a little help catching up on their Z's.

10. For that person who believes in taking care of their look from head to toe.

All images courtesy of Kohl's.

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