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10 Adorable Ways To Decorate A Small Space For The Holidays

Nowhere to put your tree? No problem. Kohl's has holiday decorations to make any space absolutely beautiful.

1. Create your own Advent calendar:

Place small gifts in bags and number them for each day of December to give your loved ones an adorable surprise to look forward to each day. Purchase perfectly sized bags here.

2. Place ornaments in a bookshelf:

This is an adorable, space-saving decor solution. Find lots of cute ornaments here!

3. Create your own candleholders:

Buy these glass bottles to create festive candleholders that will light up any room.

4. Create your own version of a Christmas tree:

No space for a Christmas tree? Place pine branches in this perfect vase for a beautiful yet simple solution.

5. Hang mittens on your door:

Place branches or berries in these adorable mittens for a playful (and space-saving) alternative to a giant wreath.

6. Put floating candles in Mason jars:

Add cranberries to these Mason jars for a gorgeous centerpiece.

7. Make unique napkin holders:

Take this napkin and add cinnamon, twine, and pine leaves. Your guests will be so impressed.

8. Make special name placeholders:

Too many candy canes lying around? Put them to use by tying three of them together. Find incredible dinnerware to go with them here.

9. Repurpose cookie tins:

Turn them into hanging candleholders! Add adorable candles like these to complete the look.

10. Get creative with your Christmas lights:

Placing all of those extra strands in a vase is a great solution โ€” and you don't even have to untangle them!

Photographs by Aubree Lennon and Cyndi Norrie