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Art And Graphic Design

That old idea of ​​Art technique Ars together with the idea of ​​doing anything well done can be applied to an infinity of things and activities, a matter that does not apply in its entirety to the so-called Fine Arts.

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The disputed problem about whether or not design is art is complex to solve, and it is more so when both terms can not be defined in a complete and definitive manner by the variety of criteria and postures before both chores. If we start from the substantive definitions of both activities we will face limited concepts that will not completely help the broad understanding of each of them, since the arts have evolved through the times from the application of words Originals and the same thing happens to the design.

The history of the classification of the arts is a real "take off and put". In the Middle Ages there were seven: grammar, rhetoric, logic, arithmetic, geometry, astronomy and music. Sciences and arts combined. The Fine Arts in the 18th century were known as painting, sculpture, music, literature and dance.

We know that there are other manifestations considered art such as cinema, theater or opera that if they do not find a definite insertion in the Fine Arts if they consider them as such. Photography already comes and goes very easily through the doors of museums and galleries but it is not defined completely if it is art or it is not. The designs, in particular the industrial one is installed in important museums like the Museum of Modern Art, and thus we find chairs, cars, glassware, cutlery of table and even animated films of Walt Disney are inside its collection.

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It is also spoken of poetry as art. Schools such as "School of Visual Arts" in New York include within their Art for Computer studies, video as art is also mentioned.

Art in its deepest sense refers to having aesthetic, emotional and intellectual experiences of the artist. I would like to share two definitions of art that may help our understanding to have a rapprochement about it. art is to evoke an experienced feeling and then through lines, movements, sounds, colors or words to transmit it to others." Frederick Schelling: "art is to create, to express an idea born of the spirit, giving it material form". In my opinion the statement about the essential character of art in being a "creation of the spirit" is correct. Finding a complete and finished definition of art is practically impossible. I would rescue the old idea of ​​"Art is everything that makes an artist and presents it as a work of art". They say that a word can not be defined with the same but that is a matter of rigor that I prefer to ignore. Now, the issue to be resolved is Who is an artist? The answer would be similar: "He who makes art and presents his work as a work of art". I'm not sure how accurate or wrong these concepts are, but what I do know is that they help me to define or delimit the work of the artist himself. Now the question is: Can the same idea be applied to Design? I would say yes. "Design is everything that a designer does and presents it as a design work". The aesthetic issue is implicit in the design work and so we define when a job is beautiful, ugly, grotesque, horrible, funny. Thus we enter into the field of aesthetic categories which is another question. When I mention that art is everything that an artist does and presents it as a work of art, I am not saying whether it is good art or bad, regular, lousy or excellent. That is an axiological question, but what is certain is that there are many artists with different and particular qualities.

The graphic design is not found within the Fine Arts, nor within the so-called noble arts or majors, we do not know of any important person or a group of significant people that locate it within the arts of definitive way. What we do know is that there are some designers who do design and make art as two different activities. Art & Design website is a clear example of this work.

The decorative or applied arts are distinguished by having an aesthetic value and having a utilitarian character and within the same we have the ceramics, the furniture, the tapestry.

The so-called commercial art is one that generates an interest in a product, a service or an idea to be used in fields such as advertising, packaging and other graphic manifestations.

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