Quiz: Are You Going To Hell?

Do you like it hot? Well, we’re about to quiz you to find out if you could be spending your after life in eternal hellfire. If you’ve committed one of the following sins, it’s a slap on the wrist, death, and/or an eternity of hellfire. If you get all these questions correct though, congrats! You’re in the clear. Whether you’re going to hell or not, check out Kobo’s new game related to Satan’s lair and you have a chance to win $5,000: http://www.kobo.com/thedescent #KoboDescent

  1. 1. You're at brunch with some friends, and someone offers you a piece of their bacon. What do you do?
    1. You put it in your mouth and say thank you! In that order!
    2. Graciously, you say “no thanks, friend.”
  2. 2. Your friend Jesse approaches you to tell you about some juicy gossip he heard concerning a friend of yours. What do you do?
    1. Tell him politely that you’d rather not discuss the subject.
    2. Get some popcorn and cozy up. You love dirt.
  3. 3. It's Friday, and you're getting ready to leave work. Before you can get out the door, however, your boss approaches you and asks you to come in on Sunday. What do you say?
    1. “Fine.” She is your boss, after all.
    2. “Absolutely not! ‘Tis the day of rest!”
  4. 4. Congrats! You've got brand new twin babies! It's bath time now, and you've only got one tub and a short amount of time. What do you do?
    1. Put ‘em both in the tub! Whatever!
    2. Wash ‘em one at a time!
  5. 5. The last time you were visiting your parents, your mother told you that you looked like a vagrant, because your hair was so long. Should you maybe think about getting it cut?
    1. Sure. You’ll save money on shampoo!
    2. Hell no! Not my luscious locks!
  6. 6. You're a man, and you happen to see a beautiful woman pass you by on the sidewalk. You are taken with her! Do you wink?
    1. No! Too forward!
    2. Obviously.
  7. 7. Stay with us, here. Your pet donkey is hanging out in its favorite spot, your bathtub. It's 6:59pm, and this donkey is getting sleepy. What do you do?
    1. Get him outta there!! Immediately!
    2. Aw, let him sleep.
  8. 8. A friend of yours is apprenticing at a tattoo parlor, and begs you to let him practice on you. Do you let him?
    1. Sure, anything to help out a friend.
    2. No! Are you kidding? No.
  9. 9. Rewind to when you were a kid. Your parents have just grounded you for reasons you feel are unjust. Do you curse them out?
    1. Nope. That would be disrespectful.
    2. YEAH.
  10. 10. You've just challenged your nemesis to a duel. He declines, because he is a coward. Do you call him out on being a sissy coward face?
    1. No. He has his reasons.

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