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If You've Eaten 15/24 Of These Foods, You're Helping To Save The Planet

Are you eating your way to a more sustainable planet?

To create a more sustainable world, our food system needs to change. The Knorr Future 50 Foods were chosen as they have a lower environmental impact and higher nutritional value than the foods we currently eat. By choosing to eat a wider variety of these foods, you're getting more nutrients while lowering your carbon footprint.

We've included 24 of the Future 50 Foods in the below checklist quiz – tell us how many you've eaten!

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The Knorr Future 50 Foods sets out the 50 foods that will help us make crucial steps towards improving the global food system. By making a conscious choice toward including more of these foods in your diet, you'll be making a small step toward a large scale change, which sets us on the path to a more sustainable planet.

You can read more about the Knorr Future 50 Foods here.