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15 GIFs That Perfectly Describe Your Family Thanksgiving

"When people get desperate, the knives come out."

1. When your drunk aunt asks you why you're still single:

2. When someone tries to pass off tofu-rkey as real turkey:

3. When you find out dinner won't be ready for another two hours:

4. When your uncle starts rambling about conspiracy theories he found on the internet:

5. When your grandma walks in with her famous mac 'n' cheese:

6. When someone asks if the pumpkin pie you spent six hours making is store-bought:

7. When everyone wants to play a family board game and you just know it's going to end in a huge fight:

8. When your mom is on a diet so that means everybody else has to be on a diet too:

9. When everyone feels the need to remind you that you're the only sibling who's not married yet:

10. When it's finally time to carve the turkey:

11. When you forget the name of that one cousin you haven't seen in 15 years:

12. When your little niece shows you the hand-turkey drawing she made at school:

13. When your cousin casually mentions that mashed potatoes cause cancer:

14. When your dad pulls out a photo album from your awkward teen years:

15. And when you remember that Thanksgiving only happens once a year:

Images courtesy of Lionsgate.

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