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12 Things You Need To Know Before Making A Finsta

Yes, the cool kids are now roasting themselves on their second instagram account, aka 'finsta'.

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1. You MUST have a plethora of embarrassing photos of yourself.

@kdeas_nutz / Via

Basically, you need to create an album on your phone rn that could be potential posts for your finsta. This will come in handy when you need to post a #winewednesday but chose not to participate in the fun on that particular Wednesday (ya feel).

2. You will need your closest friends to be reliable in documenting your embarrassing actions.

@tigolbittiezzzz / Via

Find yourself some good friends that find laughter in your weakest moments AND also have their phones nearby to snap a few pics. Yes, finsta is a good 50/50 ratio of selfies versus non-selfies (?), so you will be taking a lot of these photos yourself-but don't forget some of your (my) most embarrassing moments you may not even remember!! #notcondoningheavydrinking #but #college

3. Make sure you have trustworthy followers. KEEP IT PRIVATE.

@kdeas_nutz / Via

This is the real you-unedited or so over-edited it hurts (you know those edits you did in middle school). You should trust your followers not to screenshot your posts and send them to the wrong people...your mom, your grandma, your boss AHHH!!! #nightmare #areyouproudmom?

4. This is NOT an outlet to bully others. You need to be comfortable roasting yourself.

http://@haggie.maggie / Via

This is the internet, so even if your account is on private there are NO secrets!! Do not make petty posts about that one friend who said your shirt looked ugly last Friday #lame. You should try to avoid drama at all costs, so you must be able to point out your flaws and mistakes for all to see.

5. Yes, sometimes life sucks...but try to keep it positive!!

@tigolbittiezzzz / Via

We all have our days (maybe even everyday), but try to keep your followers amped up with some positive ~vibes~. Social media can be so draining sometimes, don't forget your finsta is seen by many people who would much rather enjoy a good laugh then read about the awful day you had. Turn everything into a positive! #tomorrowisanewday

6. It is okay to post everyday, even multiple times a day!

@kdeas_nutz / Via

Yes, this sounds stressful, but it's just the opposite. There's not a multiple posts a day stigma on finsta, it is a judgement free zone so post all that your heart desires. #twopostsinonehour

7. Don't be afraid to look UGLY.

@kdeas_nutz / Via

OKAY sorry not everyone looks cute all the time, in fact I personally look like a thumb 6 out of 7 days of the week. Finsta is not about how many likes you get or how many people comment 'cute' on your pic, it is about being REAL. REAL FREAKIN UGLY sometimes.

8. You #MUST #know #how #to #properly #hastag.

@kdeas_nutz / Via

Sometimes you just can't simply get your point across unless you add some ####. They are like the p.s. at the end of letter- so exciting, you really can NEVER overdo them. #ps #ilovefinsta #and #useless #hashtags

9. You should become familiar with your worst selfie angles.

@officialjoebiden_ / Via

You know that face on, natural lighting selfie with your whole face in it- well thats for real Instagram, it does not belong on finsta. You should master the half face looking down at your phone, "omg is that really what I look like right now" accidentally opened front camera selfie. #thumbselfie

10. Your username should be ~CREATIVE~.

kdeas_nutz / Via Instagram: @kdeas_nutz

Who is your alter ego? Do your friends have a drunk nickname for you? Anything rhyme with your name? I cannot stress the importance of a creative username enough, it is the first impression to your followers. #firstimpressionsarekey #tosuccess

11. You have to be your own biggest fan.

kdeas_nutz / Via

So what if your real insta is the first like and comment on your finsta post. We can really only be our own biggest fans so hype yourself up all that you possibly can. #wereallyonlyhaveourselves #deep #buttrue #heardthatinyoga

12. AND FINALLY, don't forget this is an outlet for self entertainment. LAUGH at yourself!!

kdeas_nutz / Via

Embarrassing things happen to all of us every single day! Share your stories and pictures- you'll make yourself laugh and maybe even brighten someones day! #peace #love #finsta

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