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Kelsey @ Diageo: A Quiz

Can ya dig it?

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  1. How long have I been at Diageo?

    4-5 Months
    5-7 Months
    One year come December !
  2. What is my favorite Diageo brand?

    Johnnie Walker
    Don Julio
    George Dickel
    Tanqueray 10
  3. What project doesn't belong on my list?

    Financial Tracking
    Weekly Digital Meetings
    Social Credential Management
    Facebook Content Creation
    LIVE Support
  4. My favorite place in the office is...

    The "Hot Desks" -- where I can be a social butterfly
    The Bar -- duh!
    The Kitchen -- a girls gotta eat!
    Wherever Cathy is -- so I can pester her
    ...I like to work from home...
  5. My degree is in...

  6. What other Diageo office do I most want to visit?

    UK - 7HQ
    Buenos Aires

Kelsey @ Diageo: A Quiz

You did a great job- regardless of how many you got right.

A+ for participation! I can't believe you made it all the way through. If you got at least 5/6 right, you get a cookie.

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