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11 Emotional Highs And Lows You'll Experience During Your Kid's First School Year

It's a roller coaster ride, but a beautiful one at that. Make the journey that much brighter with fashionable, affordable clothes from Kmart.

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2. A little bit of sadness that your child might not miss you as much as you're missing them.

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OK, that's actually a good thing -- you want them to be happy at school! -- but it stings a little.

4. Worrying that you don’t have the absolute best teacher for your child.

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It's normal to want what's best for them! And it's hard to relinquish control.

6. Worrying about your child in social circles — will he be too shy? Will she make friends right away?

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It's a sort of helpless feeling, but take comfort in the fact that your child is learning invaluable skills that will last them a lifetime.

9. Then realizing that you can use that time to do stuff you haven't had time for in years!


How many books have you been telling yourself you'd finish eventually? Now's the time!

11. And, when summer comes, the knowledge that you get them all to yourself again.

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And that, when fall returns, you'll be ready to do it all again.

It's going to be a beautiful year. Make it even better with fashionable, affordable clothes from Kmart.

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