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    Mar 11, 2013

    This Week On "Bob's Burgers": How To Win At Science Fairs!

    Hint: Reenact the secret love between Thomas Edison and the elephant he electrocuted.

    1. Don't turn in a volcano.

    This is the best reaction you'll get.

    2. Or a wine cozy.

    A volcano by any other name is still a volcano.

    3. Or anything to do with human hair.

    4. Do your research.

    Hint: Youtube is a really good source.

    5. Puns are good.

    Bonus points if it's boob related.

    6. Make sure you have adult supervision before you start the experiment.

    Errr, actually, maybe supervise the adults.

    7. Remember to use safety precautions.

    AKA your sister for human testing.

    8. Show, don't tell.

    People want to know how Thomas Edison and Topsy the elephant fell in love, not just that they fell in love.

    9. You can't go wrong with a little spectacle.

    Bonus points if it blows up.

    10. And remember, don't be nervous.

    Bonus! Topsy the electrocuted elephant with tips on looking like a scientist.

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