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22 Things That Must Be In The "Veronica Mars" Movie

Or we'll cry. No seriously Rob Thomas, bring back the argyle polo.

1. The Dandy Warhols

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Come on now sugar! Press play and scroll.

2. An inspirational greeting of the day.

3. Keith Mars's best line.

Preferably without the blood and tears.

4. Pant-less Logan Echolls

5. A brief air band interlude.

With Mac obviously air hyping.

6. Evil moustache twirling.

7. Some version of Lilly Kane.

Ghost/Memory/Hallucination - I don't care, I just want it.

8. At least one of these bad boys.

Zing. Pow.



10. Super cool BFF nicknames.

11. Epic disguises.

12. We'd settle for awful wigs too.

So Boris and Natasha.

13. But in general: VINNIE VAN LOWE.

14. More marshmallow talk.

15. Some song and soft shoe.

16. 'Confused Generic Blonde #1'

My personal favorite Veronica bit.

17. The. Argyle. Polo.

To end all argyle polos.

18. And Weevil reacting to said polo.

"I'm surrounded by idiots."

19. Serendipitous happenstance.

20. Teamwork!

Sexy teamwork.

21. Angry flirting.

The answer is yes. Yes of course. See below. How could anyone forget that?

22. But mostly this.

No seriously Rob Thomas.


We've been waiting 6 long, cold, cruel years........

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