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    No One Is Better At Sleeping Than Giraffes

    Why do you bend that way?

    "Hi hello I'm a giraffe and I like to nap like this."

    "Yeah I use my own butt as a pillow, what of it?"

    "Why would the Great Creator give us butts if he didn't want us to sleep on them?"

    "You should try it, it's like sleeping in a fluffy cloud palace fit for the gods."

    "It's so comfy it's like I'm floating in a vat of fluffernutter."

    "Literally so cozy right now, my butt might as well be the nicest grandmother in the world wrapping me in her loving embrace."

    "What's that? Why yes, what a good question, side-butt is way cozier than regular butt."

    "But sometimes I'm so tired from a hard day of eating leaves that I don't make it that far."

    "That's okay though, I'd be adorable no matter which way my jelly neck was bending."