21 Animals That Desperately Need A Hand


1. This dog who foiled his own escape.

2. This cat who was trying to follow that dog to freedom.

3. This cat who just wanted that last bit of soup.

4. This cat who just wanted to play sous chef.

5. This dog who is just trying to release his pet stick into its natural habitat.

6. This elk who just wanted to take it easy for a minute.

7. This cat who is trying to find the entrance to Narnia.

8. This cat who dreams of flying. Or maybe just flying through clothes.

9. This kitty who just wants to recycle.

10. This attack cat who was just defending his dominion.

11. This cat who was trying to be nice and warm your kitchen counter.

12. This dog who hasn’t watched enough Swamp People to know how to defend himself against an alligator attack.

13. This cat who is trying to leave his childish ways behind.

14. This kitty who just wants to know WHAT’S IN THE BOX?!?!?!

15. This ferret who is just trying to learn Wonderwall to impress the ladies.

16. This cat who couldn’t resist diving into those packing peanuts like Scrooge McDuck into a pile of money.

17. This kitty who will be going to the gym this weekend.

18. This cow that has a need for speed.

19. This cat who thought he needed accessories to twerk.

20. This dog who has no idea what happened last night and why he’s wearing someone else’s clothes.

Samantha Hoover / Via Twitter: @chub_chubs

21. This kitty who needs absolute silence to crack the secrets of the universe.

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