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And Now For A House Built Out Of Recycled Heineken Bottles

As if you need another reason to drink.

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This is the WOBO bottle. / Via

The WOBO or world bottle, is basically a brick that holds beer. It was invented by beer brewer Alfred Heineken and Dutch architect John Habraken in 1963 after Heineken's visit to the Caribbean. The design was a great way to address both recycling issues and housing challenges that the country was facing at the time.

The bottle doubles as brick. / Via

When empty, they can be laid horizontally and interlocked in the same manner as ‘brick and mortar’ construction. The initial production run of 100,000 bottles and the subsequent structure (a shed on Heineken's land) were deemed a success, but weren't continued due to design concerns (corners and openings could only be made by cutting bottles).

So naturally, someone built this masterpiece out of them.

Though the WOBO bottle has been discontinued, it's still an amazing ecodesign concept. And it's even kind of gorgeous - I certainly wouldn't mind living in this house.