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    Posted on Apr 19, 2013

    7 Of The Most Ridiculous Laws In Pawnee, Indiana

    Ranked from least to most crazy. Spoilers for this week's episode.

    7. Buffalo is acceptable currency.

    6. The punishment for a woman who raises her voice to a land-owning male is an egg in the face.

    We're paraphrasing now, but you get the jist.

    5. All menstruating women shall be confined to their bathtubs.

    4. Any white citizen has the right sieze any Indian property for 25 cents.

    This covers both Native Americans and South Asians apparently.

    3. A citizen filibuster: If one stands and refuses to yield one's time, the council is prohibited from voting on the bill.

    Garth Bluden (played by Patton Oswalt!!!) fights for history and of course a way to connect the Star Wars and Marvel universes.

    2. Be it decreed that should the taxation of tea rise to an unacceptable level, citizens shall dump Ted in Ramsey Lake.

    The sloppy handwriting of Pawnee's founding members is the start of a local tradition called Ted Party Day, where Pawnee's residents throw an unwilling Ted, instead of tea, into the lake.

    1. And as of April 18th, 2013, volunteer shall represent Ted for the the traditional dumping of Ted into the lake.

    Now with a more humane for Teds everywhere addendum! Voted craziest law in Pawnee because they actually have a volunteer.

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