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26 Things Jon Snow Knows Nothing About

Just because you know where to put it Jon Snow, doesn't mean you know anything else.

1. The longevity of Stark men.

2. How to be a ranger.

3. How not to fall for a trap.

4. When to insist on having a conversation.

5. Witchcraft.

6. Jeopardy.

7. Accurate descriptions.

8. How to battle addiction.

No for real though...

9. How to play the game of thrones.

10. How to take a compliment.

11. How to look good without eyebrows.

12. Decisions.

13. How air guitar epically.

14. How to humblebrag.

15. Making friends.

16. Celebrating holidays.

17. Self control.

18. Trash talking.

19. And communication in general.

20. Partying hard.

21. Detecting a zombie apocalypse.

22. Taking care of a puppy.

23. Reading subtext.

24. How to star in an interesting documentary.

25. Chess.

26. Wooing in general.

But there is one thing you'll always be good at Jon Snow.