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26 Things Cats Are Not

Guys, come on. This is why your cat always looks like it's about to give up on life.

1. A Unicorn

2. A Stegosaurus

3. The Chiquita Banana Lady

4. A Spider (?)

5. A Paper Bag

6. A Christmas Muppet

7. A Strawberry (?)

8. Hard Partiers

9. A Sunny, Vibrant Dandelion

10. An Actual Human Baby

11. An Angel

12. A Bat with a Friend

13. A Ballerina

14. A Calico Reindeer

15. Your Grandmother

16. In Need of Glasses

17. A Piece of Dirt to Be Vacuumed

18. Tolerant of Religious Differences

19. Underwear

20. A Cow

21. Pumpkins

22. Kermit or Any Other Frog

23. An Angry Bird

24. Super Into Raves

25. A Taco


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