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    11 Ways To Ruin A Bachelorette Party According To "New Girl"

    This should have been the greatest party of the year. Spoilers for this week's New Girl.

    1. By making it a surprise.

    2. Because you never know when a nosy aunt is going to tag along.

    3. And then going all horror movie on her.

    4. By playing games the bride can NEVER EVER WIN.

    Poor Cece.

    No seriously though.

    5. By launching a covert op to find out what the groom's penis looks like.

    6. And then trying to comfort the bride with gonad talk.

    7. By being a pregnant lesbian doctor offering free exams to a room full of models.

    8. By inviting this friend.

    9. By whipping out the software.

    10. By getting in a not fight with you not maid of honor about pajama sets.

    Or friendship or whatever.

    11. "It's awful hot in here, who wants to cool down with a double scoop of Alfredo?"

    Bonus! How to ruin a bachelor party.

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