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11 Moments That Made You Cry On This Week's "Parks And Rec"

Ranked by of volume of tears you shed.

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11. When Donna sang the most romantic love song that no one knows the words to for Leslie and Ben.

So they could get married in style.

10. When Andy wrote a song for Lil' Sebastian for Leslie.

And literally everyone in the room cried except for Ben who still doesn't get it (his one flaw).

9. When Jerry saved the entire ceremony.

By giving Tom the best advice about officiating a friend's wedding anyone could ever receive.

8. And Tom surprised everyone by actually taking that advice.

And managed to pull off a beautiful, totally non-Tom Haverford ceremony.

7. When April stole a marriage license for Leslie.

And basically said the only couple in Pawnee that deserved to be as happy as her and Andy are Leslie and Ben.

6. When Chris commemorated his friendship with Ben.

"We were supposed to be here 8 weeks. I'm so happy that those 8 weeks turned into 3 years, and you met Leslie, and we both found a home."

5. When Ron handcrafted Ben and Leslie's wedding rings.

By ripping out Ann's wall sconce.

Making ring waffles.

And creating these beautiful masterpieces.

4. When Anne designed the perfect wedding dress for Leslie.

Because she knows exactly who Leslie is, and why it makes her beautiful.

3. When Leslie had her only bridezilla moment.

"I lost my father when I was 10, I don't have any brothers, and Ken Burns never wrote me back."

To which Ron could only silently nod.


2. And then later, when his voice ACTUALLY CRACKED (out of love).

"You are a wonderful person, your friendship means a lot to me, and you look very beautiful."


They've ruined relationships and marriage forever for everyone. My eternal creys.

Bonus! Ron punched out Jam.

And you cried tears of rage joy.