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5 Things I Bet You Didn't Know About Your Personality

These 5 things about personality are usually unknown by most people. After reading, and watching the hilarious GIFs, you will be better attuned with who you are and what your personality means, and how to improve your own personality.

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1. 3 kinds of willpower; which one do you have?

The 3 types of willpower willpower are,“I won’t” power, “I will” power, and “I want” power. The “won’t” power is being able to resist temptations. The “will” power is the force to help you reach the goals that you have set for yourself. The “want” power is what reminds you of your long term goals that you need the most.

2. Having a Fixed Mindset is Holding You Back

You can approach the world either by thinking that hard work and perseverance will make you better (that is having a growth mindset), or that you have only a certain amount of innate talent (that is having a fixed mindset). People with a growth mindset perform better at school, sports, work, and relationships than those with fixed mindsets. Simply learning about the growth mindset can dramatically improve the way you approach challenges and improve your life. Start fixing yourself now by watching Dweck’s TED talk and reading her book.

3. Find Your Passion and Lead with Purpose

Passion begins with enjoying what you do. Remember that interests must be triggered again and again. Find ways to make that happen, but you need to have patience because the development of interests takes time. Purpose is the backbone of your work, it states that your work matters. You must open your eyes and see that your passions drive your purpose in life.

4. Try new things to call upon your inferior function

If you are a highly sensitive person, try to do an activity that calls upon your inferior function, preferably an activity you have not tried before, that wouldn’t be hard for you to execute. Activities could include reading a book on philosophy or going to an art museum and having personal reactions to each painting

5. Prime yourself with positivity

Act as if you’re already in a good mood.  Use positive body language and smile.  Or just watch something funny (humor strengthens the immune system).

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