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5 Fan-F#cking-tastic Ways Not to Forget!

Why have a memory when you can just google everything for the answer? Well here’s a thought. Maybe because you are a way more interesting person when you have knowledge and a memory of your own. Here are five fan-f#cking-tastic ways to not forget:

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3. Mnemonic Devices

Using mnemonic devices, like formulas, and rhymes, aid memory. Memory Palace is an effective mnemonic that  trains your brain to memorize words by placing them in a location that is familiar to you or a specific area in your palace.  

4. Test Yourself

Long-term, deep learning requires frequent and active retrieval, which means testing and quizzing yourself!

Ways to test yourself: quizlet, get old tests and answer the questions, go to your textbooks’ online resources and answer practice quizzes, and actually do your homework.

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