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What Is Your Plan For Today? On Such A Day As Today Labuda Set Out On A Journey Around The World!

Meet the man who set out on a journey around the world and beat 40 thousands of miles in 974 days. He experienced an adventure of a lifetime and proved that everyone can fulfill the dreams. Furthermore, he decided to set up a challenge not to pay for an accommodation!

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The whole world in his pocket!

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He traveled across the world almost without cash. Are you jealous a little bit? Are you wondering how did he do that? Don't worry, he didn’t want to keep his ideas only for himself, he shared his experience in his own book 'How to travel without a money'. In the guide you will find out how to hitchhike online, even on the boat (!), how to find free food and free accommodation. Moreover, you'll also read advices about interesting volunteers projects around the world and much more info which is useful in the journey with a limited budget.

He believes and proves that you do not need money to make an unforgettable trip! How did our traveller handle everything along the way, what was he doing? He tried to know each place from the inside and he was not afraid to take any job.

Do not rush! Find the time to meditate...

Among other things, he was a volunteer in SurfCamp in Peru, in yoga centre in Cambodia, on a farm in Canada, he also worked as a bartender in one of the Caribbean clubs, helped out with kids in Belize, collected coffee and assisted at monkey rehabilitation center in Costa Rica.

Sometimes he cleaned up the toilets, one day he worked on the farm, another day at the reception. At some point he started to use his passion: "I started to making movies and I suggested that it's in exchange for food and bed. " he says. Labuda is definitely talented in this direction. His documentary movie 'Nomads' won a prestigious award funded by the Museum of Emigration. What is this movie about? It presents answers to 9 questions which Labuda asked the most interesting people he met on his way.

The movie covers a broad range of topics such as what these people considered as their greatest success in the whole life, what they believe in and what they will do in the future

Travel around the world without a broken penny seems impossible... What did he spend most money on? If not 2 issues, truly his trip would not cost him anything! What is it?... the airplanes (going around the world witout it is impossible...) and parties- as he admits. He says that he will never forget partying with crazy, cool people in a Guatemalan hostel, fun was so good that it was really hard to leave and continue his journey.

In fact, during the journey, we can make friendships for the rest of our life.

It needs to be highlighted that Labuda is not just a traveller. He is a big activist, President of the European Foundation for the Promotion of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, graduated of international relations and that is not all. It is impressive that he is the owner and producer of the international Internet channel Fly Away.

Furhermore, Wladek started with project, the purpose of that is to make a million for a charitable purposes. Keep your fingers crossed for this noble goal.

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