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Only A True Dog Parent Will Recognise These 12 Moments

Shopping for your dog – and for yourself – is easier in the Klarna app.

1. You care about their birthday more than yours and always mark it with a celebration, presents, and even special outfits.

2. Letting your dog kiss you because you couldn't care less that they've been doing something gross beforehand.

3. You like to think that caring for your dog is a form of self-care for you, too.

4. Brushing your hair? Frustrating. Brushing their hair? Rewarding.

5. That never-ending feeling of guilt when you head out the shops without them.

6. You love to join in whenever your dog howls.

7. You find yourself looking to your dog for hair inspo for your next haircut.

8. You love to dress your dog up so that they're wearing the latest trends...

9. And even buy matching outfits for you and your pupper.

10. They can just be sat there, doing nothing, and you'll find it cute AF.

11. You've even fantasised about visiting a spa that caters to owners and their dogs at the same time.

12. Finally, all dog parents conduct almost daily photo shoots of their four-legged friend.

Want to spoil your good doggo? With the Klarna app you can shop now and pay later. You can also follow @klarna.usa for more information.

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