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5 Of The Most Common Things Attention-Seeking Couples Do On Facebook.

Too much PDA on your social media lately? Here's 5 ways how couples use their Facebook profiles to boast about their relationships.

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1. #8 Months And Forever To Go.. Cheers To Our Togetherness !!

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OH baby, its 8 months already and this surely calls for a celebration but first, lets post it on Facebook.

Can't believe we made it through for 8 long months .. AWW ....sooo cute !!

2. Couple Selfies - The Two Joyous Hearts


Don't we look cute together, then why not have a selfie...HAHA

And yes ofcourse, our cute and lovey-dovey pics need to be posted on Facebook first...

[AWW… how cute..aren't they? if the Wall looked completely empty without your constant selfie updates . :P }

3. BIRTHDAY - Another Occasion To Have More Pictures And Posts.


Posting very long "Happy Birthday" messages, with a couple pic..would only make it more special LOL

Would posting huge Birthday wishes on Facebook for your partner, prove your love towards him?


OH MY GOSH!! Its your partners Birthday...... THANK YOU sooo much for the post

[As if we wouldn't have noticed it without your great huge post on the wall]

4. Color Coordinated Outings


AWW how cute, both are color coordinated. Such a cute couple....too much in love...

Why not make it a public post and get all the likes and comments...

“Aww such a cute couple right”. “Love the both of you” , “ Both look amazing with each other”….etc..etc..etc.. ☺

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