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14 KiwiCo Subscription Boxes You Might Want To Buy For Yourself

A hand-embroidered lamp kit? Yep, you might as well *add to cart* now.

You may have thought KiwiCo kits were just for kids (seriously, the crafts range from ages 0 to 16+). But if you take a deeper look, you'll see they have things for all ages. Let's not let the little ones have all the fun this summer — pick out a project that'll encourage you to take some time for yourself and create something new!

1. A constellation messenger bag anyone would agree looks *out of this world* after seeing how it actually lights up like a starry night.

2. A hand-embroidered lamp kit that'll let you show off your crafting skills *and* provide you with a new statement piece for your living room.

a blue hand embroidered lamp

3. A DIY drip irrigation system that'll be the perfect craft for anyone who, sadly, was born without a green thumb. You'll be a regular ol' garnish farmer before ya' know it!

4. A book holder you can customize with your own stencils for a design you'll *lit-erally* be so excited to show off to your fellow word nerds.

A light wooden book holder with a white canvas covered in black stars

5. Confetti slime, because we're sure you've been wondering what all the fuss is about over this ooey-gooey stress reliever.

A model holding up light blue, sparkle-filled slime

6. A hand-crank flashlight kit you'll pat yourself on the back for buying during an unexpected power outage or when you want to tell ghost stories during your next camping trip.

7. A light-up speaker you can use to blast your carefully curated playlists all summer long (as if you weren't already).

All the items needed to build the light-up speaker

8. Animal-shaped pencil holders you might want to write your initials on because, just like in grade school, your coworkers may want to steal them off your desk.

A brown rabbit with holes for pencils and a green turtle pencil holder

9. A DIY planetarium that'll help you put together a romantic date night without having to leave the comfort of your home.

10. A light-up haunted house for anyone that considers it to be *spooky season* the moment a single leaf lands on the ground.

11. A felt succulent garden you can build with love and without the fear you'll accidentally kill it (RIP to all of your other plants).

a felt succulent garden

12. A poured painting kit that'll teach you how to create your own pieces of art like the ones you've watched others make in those soothing videos for hours and hours.

the poured painting kit

13. A crystal-shaped ombre soap making kit you can use to make beautiful soaps for your own bathroom *or* gift to a friend.

14. And an electric pencil sharpener that'll be a practical addition to your desk — and likely a source of pride since you'll be building it yourself!

a model using the pencil sharpener