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14 Holidays That Should Definitely Exist Already

Getting a day off of work to observe a holiday just doesn't happen often enough. If today can't be a holiday, just take a better break with a KitKat™ bar.

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2. Day of Remembrance for All the Lost Hair Things

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Everyone who has ever had longer hair has lost many good hair things that served them well, and today is the day we remember them, whatever you call them.

3. No One Talks About Celebrities Day


On this day, no one reports on, makes headlines of, or posts about celebrities; they get to be normal people, and we get a day off to maybe learn about what scholars and scientists are up to (or at least who they're dating).

5. National Caturday

National Caturday is the first Saturday of June every year where you act like a cat all day long: you lie around, judge the people you live with, knock stuff over, demand head scratches, and prey on the weak (while remaining adorable)!

6. Those Other Presidents' Day


For all you know, Franklin Pierce is the name of a luxury watchmaker, and Zachary Taylor was a cult heartthrob from the late ‘80s. These men were presidents of this great nation and, while they weren’t like the dopest, they should still be remembered.

7. National DIY That Thing Already Day

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We all have that DIY project we saw that sparked something crafty within, yet remained buried underneath excuses and self-doubt. This holiday is the day you finally do the thing! Bake those treats! Build that shelf! Make that room look bigger! Today’s the day we unpin.

8. National Can You Not? Day

We observe this holiday (which gets its name from the thought that runs through all of our heads as we see that person appear on our newsfeeds) by not complaining on social media, for one whole day.

9. National Olden Day

H. Armstrong Roberts / Getty Images

Live like no one’s tweeting, dance like no one’s twerking, and love like you can’t lurk bae's likes. This is the day we take it back to (and slightly romanticize) what everyone can agree are the Olden Days: no internet, social media, or texting.

10. Let Your Mom Take a Picture of You Day

Your mom is always trying to take a nice picture of you, and you always fight her on it. On this day, the first day of the first time in a year you see your mother, she gets the little thing that she wants most, and you show some teeth in that smile.

11. National Eat Your Own French Fries Day

On this day, one cannot steal french fries from the plate of their dining companion, the purpose of which is to observe the value of our friends as friends, not people from whom to mooch fries.

12. National BFFs Day

There are a whole bunch of holidays for our family members, but everyone knows our ride-or-die besties are just the family members we choose! This is the day where you celebrate them for the perfect, beautiful weirdos they are.

13. National Pizza For Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Day / Via

Whatever your dietary restrictions, there is a pizza for you. And on this first Friday of February, you eat it all day long to show your support for the most magical meal of all.

14. National Stay in Bed Day

On this day, you celebrate the beauty of your own bed, your warm covers, and getting to finally finish the season of that show you've been meaning to binge-watch. Traditional food is anything delicious that doesn't leave crumbs, and traditional dress is your duvet.

Go ahead — take the day off to observe a better break with a KitKat™ bar.

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