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Things That Happen Every Easter Bank Holiday

Easter might secretly be everyone's favourite holiday – time off, great food, and with none of the stress of Christmas. However you spend your spare time, have a break, have a KIT KAT.

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1. Everyone forgets when Easter ACTUALLY IS.


"No, I'm sure it's... Or maybe, uh... The second... Um, or is it third... Sunday? The... Friday? SERIOUSLY, WHY CAN WE NOT JUST PICK A DAY?"

7. Binge-watching '80s movies until you literally can't even.

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You leave a changed person. You talk in clipped Valley Girl speak and have a new-found thang for bleached denim. This is you now. Embrace it.

11. Your aunt (whose floor is now covered in sticky kids and chocolate shards) accepts her lot in life and smashes one off her bonce too.

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