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11 Bizarre Rituals That Will Make Your Food Taste Delicious

Terrible at cooking? Don’t fret. Simply perform a bizarre ritual and your food will soon be bursting with flavour. Have a break and come with KITKAT on a gastronomic journey like no other.

1. Tucking into some Thai food? Do us all a favour and listen to Michael Bublé.

2. But lend your ears to Pavarotti if Italian food is more your thing.

3. Or sit in silence.

4. Turn homemade pizzas into your favourite celebrities.

5. Share photographs of all your meals on social media.

Tom Moutchi / Via

That's right. Much to the delight of people who photograph every single thing they eat, some scientists have claimed that "rituals enhance the enjoyment of consumption". It's a sweeping claim, which some have taken to include the "ritual" of sharing photos of food on social media.

Tell that to the next cynical person who tells you to put your phone away at the dinner table. They clearly don't know anything about food.

6. Blow out candles before every meal.

7. Or celebrate every meal with Christmas crackers.

8. Share a funny joke before you tuck in.

9. Never eat yoghurt using a metal spoon.

10. Book a flight if you have a craving for tomato juice.

11. Always serve sweet desserts on a round plate.

Last but not least, everyone swears by their personal KITKAT eating ritual. Whether you snap your KITKAT, nibble it delicately, or dunk it in your cuppa... there's no right or wrong way to have a break! Find out more:

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