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11 Of The Best Moments Only Aussies Can Relate To

Cherish the moments. Another one you'll never forget? That first bite of new KITKAT Chunky Best of the Best.

1. Leaving school early when it's too bloody hot to do anything.

2. Feeling pure joy when your teacher wheeled one of these into the classroom.

3. "Buying" your lunch from the school canteen when your mum was volunteering.

4. Earning your pen licence and the right to ~legally~ use a biro.

5. Then getting your actual licence and going straight to the closest drive-through with your mates.

6. Scoring tickets when the band you love FINALLY decides to come to Australia.

7. Coming across a sausage sizzle when you're running your weekend errands.

8. Then nailing your sauce-to-sausage-to-bread ratio on the first go.

9. Finding a drink in an esky you thought was empty.

10. Warning foreigners about the very real dangers of Australian wildlife.

11. And then, confusing them with a sentence made up entirely of Aussie slang.

It doesn't get much better. Celebrate the best Aussie moments with new KITKAT Chunky Best of the Best.

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