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    I Found My iPod Touch From 2012 And Here's What I Found On It

    Can you say #nostalgia?

    1. That my date had reverted to 1970, long before iPods existed.

    2. The last song that I played.

    3. The OG Temple Run.

    4. My pocket frogs still alive!

    5. The archaic way of deleting apps, where they shake in terror waiting for you to press the X.

    6. A game where I used to unroll toilet paper for hours.

    7. A list of songs that I wanted to buy on iTunes, when that was still a thing.

    8. An app I used to have my dog's bark into, much to everyone's annoyance, just to see what they were saying.

    9. Jelli radio, where I used to battle for first place.

    10. And finally, all of the screenshots I took of my sundae and cake masterpieces.