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The Matte Black Collection By KitchenAid Has Everything You Need To Get Inspired And 'Make To Stand Out'

Here's to taking our food (and cooking skills) to the next level.

In the same way wearing a favourite dress can take us from feeling average to feeling like we're winning at life, cooking with beautiful kitchen appliances can elevate our cooking game to NO END.

Creating food that's a bit special tends to happen when the mood is right. And this stylish suite of matte black appliances from KitchenAid is giving us all the feels.

Each one of these seven sleek appliances not only look the part, no matter what your kitchen aesthetic is, but have been cleverly designed (KitchenAid clearly leads the way on cookware design) to keep things simple, fuss-free and super efficient when you're whipping up something delish.

If you're keen to make food that gets noticed — and gets people excited — cast your eyes down this list immediately.

It won't just be the food pics that make you drool.

1. This Artisan Tilt-Head Stand Mixer that can knead, mix, beat, whip...and basically be your new best friend.

2. This Cordless Hand Blender that makes whipping up dips, soups and smoothies an absolute breeze.

3. This beaut of a Blender that has some serious power.

4. This Cordless 7-Speed Hand Mixer that makes batch cookie production dangerously easy.

5. This powerful and compact Cordless Food Chopper that will chop, mix, whip and puree to perfection.

6. This Classic Hand Blender that's your perfect partner for purees and sauces that need making in a flash.

7. And finally, this new 13 Cup Food Processor that can handle every type of meal, big or small.

Now's the time to start planning the ultimate 'stand out' meals, for some truly memorable moments.

Head over to the KitchenAid website for more mouth-watering recipe ideas that'll inspire you — and to discover which appliance suits you best!