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Journey Of Life


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Journey of Life

Life is a dangerous place,

Full of twists and turns,

We spend our lives all of the place,

But do we ever learn?

Family, friends, partners, work,

It takes many years to be happy,

But problems, problems, problems,

Around the corner is where they lurk!

Death, hatred, friendships, love,

These cause the most problems,

Problems, those placed right here,

Those placed above.

Is it easy to change, move, adapt?

It is my struggle here and now,

To be me - someone else,

Maybe even someone free.

Free of stress, self-loathing...

Maybe even hate?

Maybe I could change - it'd be easy,

Perhaps it has always been my fate.

Life makes me question everyday,

And yet there they are,

There is always someone right beside you,

Maybe they could help - help me change my path,

Help me change,

Change my old ways.

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