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    17 Ways To Look Like A '90s Dream Babe

    Because nobody just wakes up looking perfect for their meet-cute with Freddie Prinze Jr.

    1. Every hairdo looks better with tendrils.

    2. Makeup should all be in one matching, frosted hue.

    3. Marabou trim is always a must.

    4. Alway have a synchronized dance routine ready to go at a moment's notice.

    5. Always coordinate outfits with your bestie.

    6. Beret all day.

    7. Gel is a girl’s best friend.

    8. When you want revenge, wear a power suit.

    9. Matching your cardigan to your cami can be subversively sexy.

    10. The badder you are, the better plaid looks on you.

    11. Your spaghetti straps can never be too thin.

    12. Mini backpacks are the only acceptable carry-all...

    13. ...and chokers are the only acceptable necklace.

    14. Platform sandals can pull together any outfit.

    15. Sunglasses with tinted lenses majorly increase your cool factor.

    16. And midriff is mandatory.

    17. If all else fails, just try the basics: taking off your nerd glasses and shaking out your hair.