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    The Cosplay Is Strong With These 29 "Star Wars" Runners

    May the course be with you.

    1. RunDisney's Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend brought out the greatest heroes of the Rebellion...

    2. ...and the darkest villains of the Empire.

    3. (Even the younglings for the Kids Races!)

    4. Runners dressed as X-wings and TIE Fighters to fly at lightspeed...

    5. ...and sometimes break formation for a photo opp with Boba Fett.

    6. There were old favorites like Admiral Ackbar...

    7. ...and new faces, like BB-8 from the upcoming Episode VII.

    courtesy of Richard and Sarah Woloski |

    8. Runners dressed like Lando...

    Kirk Damato | Cosplay by Bryce Kubo

    9. ...Greedo...

    10. ...and even Max Rebo!

    courtesy of Karen Chu |

    11. This Luke Skywalker got an advantage by riding a Tauntaun...

    12. ..and this poor Wampa had to run while carrying his severed arm.

    Kirk Damato

    13. Snips took a moment for a selfie...

    courtesy of Ana Roberts

    14. ...while Darth Talon savored the fruits of her labors.

    15. And of the 10,000+ runners, there was approximately one Jar Jar Binks.

    16. Some runners combined their love of Disney and Star Wars, like these Tinker Bell Stormtroopers.

    courtesy of Gail Gudehus Savidge |

    17. And this Jedi Buzz Lightyear ran to infinity... and beyond!

    18. Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip channeled Obi-Wan Kenobi and Princess Leia.

    19. Elsa Fett might have frozen you in carbonite...

    20. ...whereas this bounty hunter was a total Animal.

    21. Other fans got even more creative, like this OB-GYN Kenobi (along with a pregnant Padme Amidala)...

    courtesy of Thomas Antonio

    22. ...and this R2-Dalek, who couldn't resist this photo opportunity.

    23. Meanwhile, Captain Picard didn't seem to notice he was in a galaxy far, far away from the Federation.

    24. Fortunately, he could hitch a ride home via Star Tours and R2-D2's StarSpeeder 1000.

    25. (Provided they didn't get caught in a tractor beam by the Death Star.)

    courtesy of RunDisney

    26. The weekend concluded with Ewoks celebrating and singing "Yub Nub..."

    27. ...and it was the most adorable thing ever.

    courtesy of RunDisney

    28. Finally, no Star Wars event would be complete without someone cosplaying as a bikini-clad Princess Leia...

    29. ...and, of course, George Lucas himself.