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    17 Characters From "The Kingdom And The Colonies" Who Changed The Universe

    Remember that crazy fever dream you had as a kid? The only reason you're awake now is because of these people.

    1. The Serpent/Turtle/Dragon

    2. Ploppin, the Self-Sacrificing Mushroom

    3. Dr. Mysteria, the Vampire

    4. Grex, the Velociraptor

    5. The Hamster Poet (RIP)

    His name may be lost to history, but we remember 1) that he was unconscious a lot of the time, and 2) when he was awake, he was hungry.

    6. Ben Littlefellow, the Long-Haired Bard (RIP)


    Ben's dreams of being more than a one-hit wonder were crushed when he was unluckily crushed by a Turtle Dragon.

    And yet, sometimes late at night we still hear "Lady in the Woods" playing softly in the distance.

    7. Aurora Vinter, from the Steampunk reality

    8. Father Prentiss, the Hamster Priest (RIP)


    As Frankie said, "Father Prentiss is pretty badass."

    9. Garrett, the Blind Grifter

    What was Garrett's abandoned last name, and why did he forsake it? Who was the eight-fingered man who took his eyes?

    The answers are there if you look closely enough, but you might only be able to see them if you have turtle eyes.

    10. Philomel Daedalus, the Queen of the Bees

    11. Bill Blastman, the Strongman

    12. Tourg, Son of Torg


    Fuckin' Tourg.

    13. Atticus Khan, the Queen's Assassin

    14. The Dauphine

    If the Dauphine dies, we all die.

    But if we live... she dies.

    15. Mel Griffon, Owner of The Iron's Forge

    16. Jason Danderfield, the Oft-Shirtless Squire

    17. Lexonia Terragon Scuttle III, the Ogress

    Remember: everything is reversible.