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Why Its A Safer Bet To Have A Relationship With Your Pet Rather Than Your Partner

Do you ever wonder what went happened in your relationship with your partner? Where things went so wrong, and why things failed to go according to plan? Do you ever question what happened to the loyalty, admiration, support, humor, and even where the love went that was once ever so present? As humans, we are accustomed to heartbreak, disappointment and often loneliness. There are endless “rom coms” and TV shows that portray such events that we are all so easily able to relate to. However, in no cases have I ever heard of a persons pet causing such negative emotions upon their owner, some may say it is due to their inability to talk-back, but I believe it is down to the fact that pets are ten times better than humans in relationship aspects. Which is why through this article, I am stating that it is much safer bet to devote your love, affection, and time towards your pet rather than your partner. Here are 12 reasons why:

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Reason #1: They're always loyal


Your pet will never come home with lipstick on its collar, smelling of perfume or with a new number in his/her phone. You can trust your pet, and their loyalty is ever-present from the very moment you met.

Reason #2: You are really important to them


Although you personally may have many people to worry about and look after in your life, your pets main concern and favourite person is you. In a sense, their life revolves around you. They care deeply about you, and always miss you while you are away.

Reason #3: They are basically professional comedians


They somehow manage to be really funny, often without even trying! You can say goodbye to mastering your fake laugh so that your partner does not feel disappointed that you do not laugh at their jokes, you can truthfully crack up at the cute and funny things that your pet does daily!

Reason #4: They participate in really lame events just to make you happy


Events that are important to you, are just as important to them (even if it is not important to them, they will at least participate and pretend it is). After all, your pet just wants to see you happy and smiling, no matter if it is at their expense due to how adorable they look in a party hat.

Reason #5: They are always consistent and reliable


Even if there is an argument within your family or friends group, your pet will never choose sides or turn his/her back on you. You can trust them to remain loyal at all times. They will go places with you that they may not particularly want to, because you are important to them.

Reason #6: They always appreciate your cooking


They love food just as much as you do! If you feel guilty for baking a batch of cookies just for yourself to eat, your pet will trump your love for food and make you feel much better about your (not so healthy) choices.

Reason #7: They want to spend all of their time with you


They are always extremely happy when you come home, and extremely unhappy when you leave. Your pet makes it hard for you to leave them and say goodbye, because the true bond and love you share is always present.

Reason #8: They love their down-time as much as you do


Relaxing and staying in on the weekends is something that your pets supports and encourages, take some time for yourself alongside your pet. When all of your friends are going out clubbing until the early hours of the morning, your pet will never judge you for opting to curl up on the couch right beside them.

Reason #9: But are always up for play time and an adventure


You wont have to worry about your pet not being spontaneous or lively enough for you, they really do love and appreciate some quality play time! As well as this, your pet will influence you to go outside and excerise much more frequently and on a regular basis.

Reason #10: They can be really sensitive


Whatever emotion you are feeling, your pet will notice and act upon it, which your partner may not (most likely will not) even realize. Whether you've had a bad day, or are just going through a rough patch, your pet is there for you through it all- no matter what.

Reason #11: They make friends really easily


You will never have to worry about your pet liking your friends, because in most cases, they will absolutely love them! They are friendly, and a great source of conversation among your family/friends.

Reason #12: They can't give you (that much) attitude


Each persons pet undeniably has different and unique personalities, but they can never talk-back and give you attitude that you do not want to hear. Although they may pull funny faces at you and vocalize the occasional growl, that is as much attitude you will ever receive from them.

Reason #13: They are always entertaining


Do you miss going for walks or bike rides with your significant other? No need, pets can do just that and so much more, and make it much more interesting and fun. Pets encourage you to go out and be social outdoors, which may also influence you to meet new human friends.

Reason #14: They are always able to tell when you are upset


You can always count on them to cheer you up after a bad day, and be there for you through whatever tough times you may experience. Your pet is always there to lick away your tears, and leave you with a smile on your face.

Reason #15: They are always happy to see you (even if you have been away for less than 2 minutes)


You will never feel unloved or unappreciated while you your have your pet around! You are always going to be wanted and feel admired at all times, and so will they.

Reason #16: Once they are apart of your family, there is no going back


They are the best sibling, friend, and companion you could ever ask for. They truly are irreplaceable and incomparable. Pets hold an unmeasurable presence within your life that no one could ever fill. The only time your pet will ever break your heart, is when theirs stops working.

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