Kira Nahleen
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    • Kira Nahleen

      “I know you want it, but you’reagood girl. The way you grab me, must wanna get nasty. Go ahead, get at me.” The wayIsee it is that he’s not saying “I know you want it so I’m gonna go ahead and rape you”, in the line “Go ahead, get at me” he’s putting the ball in her court. She’s not keeping with her “good girl” image hence the “blurred lines”.Iunderstand where in combination with the video people could be easily offended, especially if it echoesaline used by an attacker. Robin’s defense of the song is wayyyyyy more controversial and offensive and that’s the point whereIthought something was wrong, though not whenIwas listening to the song. And onaside note, the brunette model has amazing breasts and I’m jealous.

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